Our Retail Practice has extensive experience in supporting retail businesses with the procurement of goods not for resale (GNFR). As many retailers will know, GNFR procurement can be a complex and time-consuming task that requires a high degree of expertise and attention to detail.

Our team has worked with retailers of all sizes, from small independent stores to large multinational chains, and we understand the unique challenges that come with GNFR procurement in the retail industry. We have helped our clients to optimise their procurement processes, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency.

One of the key areas where we can add value to retailers is in supplier management. We have established relationships with a wide range of suppliers across different categories, and we can help retailers to identify the most appropriate suppliers for their specific needs. By working closely with these suppliers, we can negotiate favourable terms and ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for money.

We also understand the importance of compliance and risk management in GNFR procurement. We can provide guidance and support to retailers in ensuring that their procurement processes are compliant with relevant regulations and industry standards. Our team is experienced in managing supplier relationships, monitoring performance, and identifying potential risks before they become a problem.

In addition, we recognise the importance of sustainability and ethical sourcing in retail GNFR procurement. We can advise retailers on how to incorporate these considerations into their procurement processes and help them to identify suppliers that align with their values.

Overall, our team has a wealth of experience in retail GNFR procurement, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. Whether you are looking to streamline your procurement processes, reduce costs, or improve your supplier relationships, we are here to help.