Imagine the scenario: You set a target for cost reduction. You believe it’s achievable. You start putting together the strategy and commence working towards your goal. But then something starts to slip. You’re not quite on-track. Some of your supplier negotiations don’t go the way you planned. Your procurement isn’t the slick efficient operation you had in mind and your costs are pretty much back where they were when you started.

Does any of that sound familiar? When we first start working with our clients, they often tell a similar story. They have objectives for cost reduction but somehow they can’t seem to meet them. For over a decade we’ve been solving that problem. 

There’s no great trick or secret to how we do it. It’s simply a matter of expertise. Whereas your specialism might be the production of roofing materials, or even the production of musical theatre, ours is cost reduction. A proven blend of art and science, we formulate and implement effective procurement strategies which deliver real, measurable and sustainable savings. 

Our clients work in many sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing and Transportation. As well as goods, they source services from diverse suppliers, spending on Professional Services, Facilities Management, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, and Logistics. With the multitude of transactions across all these sectors, opportunities for cost reduction are spread wide. We’ll help you capitalise on them. 

We have a tried and tested approach for collaborating with our clients. You won’t find it anywhere else. Procuring Group’s “Sourcery Approach” provides a results-driven, cost reduction focus. By improving internal processes and using best-practice contract and supplier-relationship management principles, it captures and sustains the long-term value you’re seeking. 

Anyone can set a target for cost reduction but achieving it can be far more challenging. If you want to succeed with cost reduction, contact Procuring Group today.

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